Dirk Nowitski hoisting the NBA Finals trophy

That’s honestly the only word I can find to describe the way this year’s NBA finals wrapped up just a few hours ago. After this series dragged on to it’s sixth episode, one could only hope that if they were given enough opportunities, these two teams would come up with at least 48 minutes of spectacular basketball at some point. If you had, you were wrong.

This series was just so lacking in energy on so many levels. The stars were not outstanding on either team. The benches were defined by their irrational confidence and tendency to act as though they were anything but role players. Every 3-point shot that found its way into the basket gave way to the most annoying celebrations I can remember seeing during a live sporting event in at least three years.

Jason Terry is not compelling. He is not special and he is not a star. Neither are J. J. Barea or Shawn Marion. I did not tune in to every one of these finals games to see them play like second stringers and celebrate like three-peaters. I tuned in to see Dirk be Dirk (which, for the most part, he wasn’t) and the Heat’s Big Three. Neither of those products were even close to being as good as advertised and the series suffered.

Lebron James is not an enigma. I cannot stress this enough. We all know what he is at this point in his career. He’s the best Basketball player on the planet. This does not mean that he’s perfect, clutch, or media-friendly. We are going to have to accept that the better team does not always win out. The Minnesota Vikings were the best team in football in 2009 and gave the NFC championship to the inferior New Orleans Saints. It’s not a rare occurrence and it will happen again with regularity.

I don’t want to say that I won’t take anything away from Dallas because I plan to. Dallas won an NBA championship tonight. In the Miami Heat, they beat a team that was better than them. The Heat failed to execute this entire series and if they had played sound basketball, this would have been a sweep.

Unfortunately for Miami, a championship would have been par for the course. Dwayne Wade and Lebron James gambled for more and lost. While the Heat messed around with house money and played the media game, they failed to realize something. Their losses were going in another team’s win column. This situation became evident to Lebron James at about the 2:35 mark of the fourth quarter of game six.

I find it agitating that the “experts” and commentators will tell us that what we watched was a great series. As I have stated before, sloppy turnovers and bad shots do not make great defense. I saw two teams out there that were incapable of seizing the game. They were playing hot potato with a championship but one of them had to end up with it when the whistle blew.

I do appreciate a player like Dirk Nowitski getting his ring after laboring for such a storied tenure in the NBA. I just wish that he could have achieved his goal by out-playing a worthy opponent. Unfortunately this just was not the case here.

There will be plenty to talk about in the coming weeks regarding the long-term implications of this series and how Dirk Nowitski will go down in history. For now, we move on to the post-NBA/NHL limbo for the coming months and hope that the NFL’s free agency period comes sooner rather than later.

Dallas fans everywhere should be chanting one thing tonight; “A win’s a win!”


One thought on “Mild

  1. Great post man. What an unbelievably exciting NBA Finals we got to watch this year. It was one of the best I’ve ever seen in my life for sure. No matter what Dirk Nowitzki found a way to come through in the 4th quarter almost each and every game. The supporting cast came up with huge performances in the last 3 games and most importantly the 6th game. Barea just changed the dynamic of the series and honestly, I thought that if Nowitzki hadn’t made those buckets at the end of game 6, Barea should have gotten MVP. Terry was great as well and it was really nice to see a group of 30+ aged veterans come together to win a championship. Great way to cap off an NBA season. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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