This is Absolution

Rogers Arena, Vancouver

Tomorrow morning, every member of the Bruins and Vancouver organizations will wake up sore, spent, and guilt-less. This series has been everything the NHL and its robust fan base could have ever asked for. In a few short hours, these men will be digging in for the biggest game of their lives; a Super Bowl on ice. Through struggle, these two teams have dragged respect and hatred out of one another and they will leave all of it on the ice tonight.

Every punishing blow, exclaimed insult, and cheap shot administered will finally bear fruit when tonight’s game seven concludes. It would not surprise me if this one went to overtime. If I had to say that one team were at a disadvantage, it would be Boston, though I don’t feel strongly about this determination, Make no mistake about it, Neither of these two teams will play a comfortable game.

It’s a very good thing that there are only seven games allowed in this series because after tonight, I really don’t think either of these teams will have anything left to give.

Two nights ago, I saw something that made me chuckle nervously simply because I had no appropriate reaction. The second period of game six had just come to an end and the Canucks might as well have been on the plane back to Canada already. There was no way they were coming back from a 4-0 deficit in the third. The final period got underway and the Canucks plastered a message on Tim Thomas that I am sure will be there tonight. They dominated three minutes of a game for no other reason than to let the Bruins know they could.

All momentum that Boston had going into this game is null. The home-ice advantage that Vancouver established through this series is void. Throw everything out folks. The Cup is in the building tonight and one of these teams will be leaving with it. The hype surrounding this game is immeasurable and yet, I can’t imagine this game disappointing.

Whichever team wins tonight will deserve it and whichever team loses should feel completely absolved come tomorrow. When you give your best, your worst, your everything and more to win a title the way these two teams have, the outcome is a footnote.


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