For the Ends


Marcus Mariota

By: Michael Conroy

Chip Kelly is under siege. Talking heads are spinning. The Philadelphia Eagles are absolutely falling apart.

If you were worried all of the big moves had wrapped up ahead of the new league year, you can now relax. Unless, of course, you are an Eagles fan. In which case, you should head over to grandma’s medicine cabinet and find yourself some coping mechanisms immediately.

The St. Louis Rams have traded Sam Bradford and unknown assets to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for Nick Foles and… some more unknown assets. Obviously, this is a fluid situation as the deal hasn’t even been announced, but multiple media outlets have indicated that this trade will happen.

At this point, the details of the trade are inconsequential. Chip Kelly has now thrown his cards on the table and made a hefty wager of the Philadelphia Eagles’ present, past and future. Forget about the defense, about the running back, and receivers. None of it matters anymore. If, when the dust settles from this demolition, the Eagles don’t have Marcus Mariota on the roster, they are sunk.

The team has absolutely purged their roster of talent and leadership. Free agency has been a quiet disaster to this point. There’s no room left for caution. The Philadelphia Eagles no longer want Marcus Mariota. They need him. Those who have supported Chip Kelly to this point may still back him, but even the most entrenched in their positions have to feel uneasy today. If this extraordinary gamble doesn’t pay off, Kelly will become the most vilified figure in the history of Philadelphia sports.

Ironically, the only cool head in Philly right now might be the teetering head coach. After all, this entire process has been orchestrated by Kelly.

We’ve been anticipating this gambit for months and we’ve finally arrived at the point of no return: The Philadelphia Eagles are officially Mariota-or-bust.


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