Chris McNamara

Chris McNamara is a deranged moneyballing mad man. He also has a lot of critical opinions on Philadelphia sports. He attended Millersville University and majored in English.

I’m not superstitious about sports, but I’m pretty damn religious about it.  Shut up, it makes perfect sense!  It’s not your grandfather’s stuffy football religiousness or daddy’s college basketball obsession; this is hardcore stuff people.  I accept all forms of hysteria into my life but I have a particular interest in new school thinking.  Moneyball is my personal bible.  I don’t say that lightly; I’m dead serious.  That book changed my damn life, not just the way I look at baseball.

I try not to read too deep into things but at this point in my life it’s inescapable.  What can I say?  In college I majored in spazzing the f–k out (English, actually, if you were wondering) with a minor in BS.  Along the way I’ll chastise the Eagles constantly for being inadequate, ridicule the Flyers for being all or nothing all of the time, the Phillies for getting carried away with success and not making it last, and the Sixers for just being dumb.  That’s it for now.  I know nothing’s perfect, but you’ll enjoy my intensity, and perhaps one day appreciate the sheer depth of my madness!

On Why We Love Sports: Chris Mcnamara


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